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If a fire destroys your home, you can feel reasonably certain that your homeowners’ insurance policy will cover repair or reconstruction costs. But what if an uncommon event occurs? Although policies vary, many of them cover surprisingly atypical claims. Below is a list of 6 uncommon events that your homeowners’ insurance just might cover.

  1. Food Spoilage

When a major storm knocks out your power, one of the first things you’re going to worry about is replacing all the spoiled food in your refrigerator and freezer. The good news is that your policy may cover the cost of replacing it. Coverage limits tend to be lower, but at least you’re not facing a total loss for any expensive food items.

  1. Personal Injury Claims

If someone slips and falls on your property, your homeowners’ policy typically covers any medical bills, but what you might not know is that the coverage can extend to incidents outside the home. If you’re getting groceries and accidentally knock another patron down with your shopping cart, your homeowners’ insurance will likely cover their medical expenses too.

  1. Defamation

When you don’t get along with someone else, like a neighbor or acquaintance, the hostilities can escalate beyond angry words into public accusations. If you are accused of defaming someone in public or on social media, your home insurance policy may cover the costs of retaining an attorney to defend you.

  1. Toppled Gravestones

It is a sad reality that cemeteries are frequently targeted by vandals. If your loved ones’ gravestones are desecrated, many home insurance policies will treat them as your personal property and cover their replacement. You don’t even have to be the original purchaser – if you are the primary caretaker, your insurance may cover it.

  1. Dorm Room Burglaries

All parents know that anything can happen when their sons and daughters go away to college. They can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that many home insurance policies will cover damaged or stolen items. Bear in mind that there may be age restrictions and some insurers won’t cover losses at off-campus housing.

  1. Required Upgrades

Some policies will cover the cost of necessary upgrades to your home if an insured event causes it to fall below the required code. For example, Florida law requires you to have sprinklers installed in your home. If fire damages your home, even if you did not have sprinklers in place before, the legally mandated upgrade may be covered by your homeowners’ policy.

Bear in mind that not all policies cover these comparatively unusual events. Understanding your policy limits makes it easier to purchase the coverage needed to fortify you against losses that may occur.  

At We Insure, we can work with you to identify your risks and explain what’s included in your homeowners’ policy to see if any of the scenarios listed above are in fact covered by your homeowner’s policy. Rick Leal will go over the areas where added coverage can benefit you and help you put together an insurance package that provides optimal protection. For more information or to schedule a policy review, please contact Rick today.